The Best Blacklight For Scorpion Hunting

Do you have scorpions in your home? If so, you might be interested in learning about the best scorpion blacklight. This type of light is used to see things in the dark that normal light can’t see, like scorpions.

Identifying scorpions using blacklight is essential because they can be dangerous if left unchecked. Fortunately, it’s not challenging to locate scorpions using a blacklight.

How to Choose the Best Blacklight for Scorpions for You

There are a few things to consider when looking for the best blacklight for scorpions.

First, consider the size of the area you need to cover. A smaller light may be fine for a small room, but if you need to cover a large area, you’ll need a bigger light.

Second, consider the intensity of the light. A brighter light will be better for spotting scorpions, but it may also be more difficult to look at for extended periods.

Third, consider the price. Blacklights can range in price from around $20 to over $100. Choose the light that fits your budget and needs. The best blacklight for scorpions is the one that fits your needs the best.

Size: Consider the size of the area you need to cover, the intensity of the light, and the price when making your decision.

Top 10 Blacklight For Scorpions

1. Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light

Looking for a powerful and reliable blacklight? Escolite’s UV Flashlight Black Light is the perfect choice! With its high-quality construction and powerful UV light, it’s perfect for finding scorpions, checking for leaks, and so much more.

This powerful UV flashlight is perfect for outside use, like finding scorpions and minerals! With 51 UV LEDs, it covers a larger area than 9 or 21 LED lights and emits UV light in the 390-405 nanometer wavelength. Plus, it’s a useful tool for detecting pet urine and doing a deep house cleaning.


  • The manufacturer warranties will be voided if customers use rechargeable or non-recommended batteries.

2. Vansky UV Flashlight Black Light

If you live in or are traveling to an area with a high scorpion population, a UV flashlight is an easy way to detect these dangerous pests, day or night.

The Vansky UV flashlight has 51 LEDs in the large head, making it brighter than other products, and the strong Aluminum alloy body makes it durable and long-lasting.


  • The UV flashlight is made of durable, high-quality materials.
  • Ultra-compact design.
  • 3xAA Standard Alkaline Battery.
  • 4-6 Hours Runtime.
  • Pets Urine Detector.
  • ‎51 LED BlackLight


  • Battery Not Included.

3. GearLight UV Black Light Flashlight

The GearLight UV Black Light Flashlight is a small yet effective light perfect for pet owners and travelers. This 68 UV LED flashlight is more powerful than the standard 51 LED lights, yet small enough for daily use.

The perfect amount of ultraviolet glow makes this flashlight ideal for use daily.


  • The UV flashlight is easy to use and powered by only 3 AA batteries.
  • The UV flashlight is great for pet stain detection and identifying scorpions, bed bugs, and tomato hornworms.
  • Runs on batteries.
  • Identifies counterfeit money.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • The light may not be bright enough to cure resin properly.

4. KOBRA Black Light Flashlight

The KOBRA Black Light Flashlight is a powerful 100 LED flashlight perfect for home and hotel inspections. With its ultra-intensity 18W 385-395nm LEDs, it can spot counterfeit money, leaks, and scorpions.

How to Use Your Blacklight for Scorpions

Most scorpions glow brightly under black light, making them easy to find and collect. If you’re looking for a new and exciting hobby, or if you’re just curious about these fascinating creatures, read on to learn how to use your blacklight to find scorpions!

First, find an area where scorpions are known to live. This can be a desert, forest, or anywhere else where scorpions are found. Once you’ve found an area, wait until nightfall. Scorpions are nocturnal creatures, so they’re most active at night.

When it’s dark, turn off all lights and turn on your blacklight. You may need to experiment with the distance between the light and the ground, but typically, a few feet is ideal.

Slowly sweep the light back and forth across the ground and look for scorpions that are glowing brightly. Collecting scorpions can be dangerous, so take all necessary precautions. Wear gloves and long sleeves to protect your skin, and be careful not to get stung.

Once you’ve found a scorpion, could you place it in a container for transport? If you’re looking for a fun and unique hobby, give scorpion hunting a try! With a blacklight, it’s easy to find these creatures, and you’ll surely have an exciting time.

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