How to Use Blendjet Blender?

BlendJet is a powerful and easy-to-use blender that can help you make delicious and healthy blended creations.

How to Use Blendjet Portable Blender

Here are some tips on how to use your BlendJet to its full potential:

  • Always charge your BlendJet for at least one hour before use or until the light ring shows a solid blue circle.
  • Clean your blender before first use. Add water and a drop of soap, blend, and rinse.
  • Add liquid ingredients to the blender jar first, then add solid ingredients. Leave a little room at the top so the blender can properly blend all the ingredients. – To blend, press the power button, and the blender will start blending for a pre-set cycle of 20 seconds. Repeat as needed for thicker drinks.
  • After blending, immediately clean the blender to prevent any residue from drying and hardening.


  • To charge your BlendJet, use the included USB cable. You can charge it via most USB ports, including those on your computer, phone charger, or car.
  • When your BlendJet is fully charged, the light ring around the power button will turn purple instead of blue.
  • If the battery gets low, the light ring around the power button will flash red and purple. When the battery is dead, it’s time to recharge.
  • To enter Pulse mode, double-press the power button. Blue lights will flash left to right three times, and the swirl will stay illuminated while Pulse mode is active.
  • To enter Lock mode, hold down the power button for three seconds. The purple light will flash three times to indicate that the Lock mode is active. To unlock, press and hold the power button for three seconds until the purple light disappears. A blue light will flash three times, indicating the blender is now unlocked.
  • If the blender is not blending properly, check if the blades are blocked. Flip the blender upside down and shake it to loosen any jammed blades. If the blades are still blocked, start blending upside down, then turn it right side up again.
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Blendjet cleaning

For quick and easy cleaning, fill the blender jar about two-thirds full with warm (not hot) water and add a drop of dish soap. Blend for one full cycle until the blender automatically stops. Pour out the liquid and rinse the blender with clean water.

For deeper cleaning, as needed, remove the blender jar from the base and twist the jar counterclockwise while twisting the base in the opposite direction. Using a fork, carefully remove the silicone gaskets from the lid and base.

Wash the jar, lid, and gaskets in soapy water. Use a dish brush to dislodge any debris around the blades, if needed. Never put your hands in the path of the blades. Each part should be left out to air dry.

To reassemble your BlendJet, place the grooved gasket back in the base, making sure the grooved side is facing down.

Next, place the blender jar on the base and screw it in until the arrows on the back of the jar and base line up. Pushing the gasket into place, screw on the second gasket and lid.

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