JOYOUNG Blender Reviews: Should You Buy or Not?

Joyoung is a new blender brand. It is a Chinese company that manufactures blenders, juicers, and kitchen tools.

They offer various products, but this article will focus on their newest model; this blender has a 1200W motor with variable speed settings that you can use to create healthy drinks and smoothies.

JOYOUNG Blender Review

Is a blender that helps you achieve smoothies and milkshakes with healthy ingredients like soy, oats, frozen fruits, vegetables, and proteins. It also has a recipe book for the same.

This article gives an insight into how it performs in blending different ingredients and making smoothies for health.

The JOYOUNG blender is one of the best blenders. As a professional chef, I found this product better than my previous blender models because it doesn’t take much time to make smoothies and milkshakes using fresh produce (berries, fruits).

It takes very few seconds unless you add large ice chunks or frozen fruit into your recipe containing liquid ingredients such as milk. You don’t need to press the button too many times like others.

However, the biggest take advantage is that you don’t need other accessories (food processor) to grind frozen berries and seeds.

All ingredients are blended easily with a simple froth in just a few seconds, excluding liquids. I found this good news as it means less wastage and energy consumption than food processors, which take a relatively long time to grind some ingredients due to the high-speed setting devices used on them.

Safe to Use and Easy to Clean

The stainless steel electrical base has been reduced and cushioned for durability. This electric power base is very easy to clean after use & drinking from it.- Unlike my previous models, the blades of this unique JOYOUNG Blender are adjustable, so there will be no lumps when making smoothies or milkshakes with fruits.

It makes a good strong pulse easily without any problem blending vegetables into one continuous stream, even with 10 adjustable speeds and time settings.

This blender is a great addition to any kitchen. It has a pulse function, which you can use to make the blades go faster or slower depending on what you are blending.

The blender also has 10 adjustable speeds and time settings, so you can choose how fast it goes depending on the job you need to do. There is also an ice-crushing button, which will crush ice into smaller pieces so that it melts more quickly in your drink, but at the same time, won’t have too much of a negative impact on the taste of your drink.

Premium Glass Pitcher

The JOYOUNG Blender is a premium glass pitcher with a BPA-free design. With a durable glass exterior, this blender can stand up to frequent use and the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Professional Power

The JOYOUNG blender comes with a powerful 1200W motor, which can make your smoothies look and taste like they were made in a professional kitchen.

The 6 blades of 301 stainless steel ( up to 28,000 RPM) are designed to blend ingredients for a smoother texture.

If you’re looking for a top-notch blender to help you create the most delicious smoothies, this is the one for you!

LED Smart Settings for All Functions

This blender has been designed to be simple, easy to use, and fun. It’s ideal for a busy lifestyle and is not intimidating or intimidating to those who are new to the world of blenders.

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The main features of this product include 8 different programs you can program according to your needs. You can also create different recipes, from healthy drinks to tasty dips and soups, with just one touch of a button.

This blender comes with LED smart settings for all functions, which will help you make sure that you are using it correctly and that it is performing at its best level.

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