Ninja Bl910 Blender Review. Which Should You Buy?

The Ninja BL910 Blender is a powerful, versatile blender with exceptional performance. Its robust motor and innovative design can easily handle a wide range of blending tasks.

However, deciding whether to buy the Ninja BL910 Blender or not ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

This review will provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Ninja Bl910 Blender Key Features

If you are in the market for a powerful and high-quality blender, then the Ninja Bl910 Blender might be the perfect fit. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this blender is designed to meet all your blending needs.

In this Ninja Bl910 Blender review, we will delve into its key features, highlighting why it stands out from the rest of the blenders in the market.

Powerful Motor for Efficient Blending

One of the standout features of the Ninja Bl910 Blender is its powerful motor. This blender can easily handle even the toughest ingredients with a XX-watt motor.

Whether you want to whip up a creamy smoothie or blend ingredients for your favorite homemade sauce, this blender can handle everything.

The powerful motor ensures smooth and consistent results every time, making your blending experience effortless and efficient.

Large Capacity for Family-size Portions

With its XX-ounce pitcher, the Ninja Bl910 Blender offers a generous capacity perfect for preparing family-size portions.

Whether you are blending ingredients for a large gathering or want to make enough smoothies to last the entire week, this blender has got you covered.

The large pitcher eliminates the need for multiple rounds of blending, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.

Multiple Speed Settings for Versatile Use

When it comes to blending, different ingredients require different blending speeds. The Ninja Bl910 Blender understands this, so it is equipped with multiple speed settings.

You have complete control over the blending process from a gentle pulse to a high-speed blend. This versatility allows you to achieve the desired texture for your recipes, whether you want a silky smooth soup or a chunky salsa.

High-quality Blades for Smooth Blending

Behind every powerful blender is a set of high-quality blades, and the Ninja Bl910 Blender is no exception.

Equipped with XX stainless steel blades, this blender delivers exceptional performance when blending ingredients.

These sharp and durable blades effortlessly break down even the toughest ingredients, ensuring that your smoothies, sauces, and soups are perfectly smooth and well-blended.

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User-friendly Controls for Easy Operation

Thanks to its user-friendly controls, operating the Ninja Bl910 Blender is a breeze. With simple buttons and an intuitive design, you can blend with just a button push.

Whether you are a seasoned blender user or a beginner in the kitchen, this blender’s controls make it easy for anyone to use. Say goodbye to complicated settings and hello to hassle-free blending.

Ninja Bl910 Blender Pros And Cons

Are you considering buying the Ninja BL910 Blender but want to evaluate its pros and cons before deciding? Look no further!

In this section, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Ninja BL910 Blender, helping you determine whether it is the right blender for you.


Efficient Blending Performance

The Ninja BL910 Blender is renowned for its efficient blending performance. Equipped with a powerful motor and sharp blades, it effortlessly pulverizes ingredients to create smooth, consistent blends.

This blender delivers exceptional results, whether making silky smoothies, creamy soups, or crushing ice for refreshing beverages.

Versatile Use for Various Recipes

One of the key advantages of the Ninja BL910 Blender is its versatility. It offers a wide range of blending options, allowing you to experiment with numerous recipes.

This blender can handle everything from creating delicious dips and spreads to preparing nutrient-packed green smoothies. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Easy to Use and Clean

The Ninja BL910 Blender is designed with user convenience in mind. Its intuitive controls and clear interface ensure this blender is a breeze, even for beginners.

Additionally, all removable parts are dishwasher safe, making cleaning up hassle-free. Say goodbye to tedious scrubbing and enjoy more time doing what you love – cooking!

Durable Construction for Long-lasting Use

Investing in a blender that can withstand the test of time is crucial, and the Ninja BL910 Blender does not disappoint in this aspect. With its robust construction and high-quality materials, it is built to last.

Whether blending tough ingredients or using them regularly, this blender is designed to withstand heavy-duty use, ensuring long-lasting performance for years.


Noisy Operation at High Speeds

One potential drawback of the Ninja BL910 Blender is its noisy operation, especially at high speeds. While it delivers impressive blending power, it does generate noticeable noise during use.

This may be a point to consider if you are sensitive to noise levels or prefer a quieter environment.

The Bulky Design Takes Up Counter Space

Another disadvantage of the Ninja BL910 Blender is its bulky design, which may occupy a significant amount of counter space.

If you have limited kitchen space or prefer more compact appliances, the size of this blender might be a drawback for you.

Limited Color Options

While the Ninja BL910 Blender provides exceptional performance, it offers limited color options. Currently, it is available in a few selected colors.

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If aesthetics play a significant role in your kitchen decor, this limited selection may restrict your choices.

Ninja Bl910 Blender vs. Competitors

When it comes to choosing the right blender for your kitchen, selecting between different models and brands can be a daunting task.

In this Ninja Bl910 Blender review, we will compare it to two popular competitors, Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender and Blendtec Classic 64Oz Blender.

By examining the key factors of performance, features, functionality, price, design, build quality, ease of use, cleaning, and customer reviews, we will help you decide on which blender to buy.

Performance and Blending Capabilities

A blender’s performance and blending capabilities are crucial for achieving smooth consistency in your recipes.

The Ninja Bl910 Blender impresses with its powerful motor and sharp blades, which effortlessly pulverize fruits, vegetables, and ice.

It consistently delivers smooth and lump-free results, making it ideal for creating soups, smoothies, and sauces. However, the Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender falls slightly short in sheer power and may struggle with tougher ingredients.

Features and Functionality

Regarding features and functionality, the Ninja Bl910 Blender offers various options to cater to your blending needs.

With multiple speed settings, pulse control, and pre-programmed functions, such as blending in timed intervals or crushing ice, it provides versatility in tackling various recipes.

Additionally, its large capacity pitcher and convenient spout make pouring and serving a breeze.

Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender lacks some of these advanced features, limiting its potential for diverse culinary creations.

Price and Value for Money

Investing in a blender means considering the price and the value it brings to your kitchen. The Ninja Bl910 Blender offers exceptional value for its price.

With its remarkable performance, versatile features, and durable build, it stands out as a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise quality.

On the other hand, Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender may be priced similarly. Still, it might not provide the same power, versatility, and long-term reliability level as the Ninja Bl910 Blender.

Design and Build Quality

In terms of design and build quality, the Ninja Bl910 Blender boasts a sleek and modern appearance.

Its sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a great addition to any kitchen countertop.

Its intuitive control panel and ergonomic handle offer a user-friendly experience.

On the other hand, the Blendtec Classic 64Oz Blender may have a more luxurious design, but it lacks the robustness and reliability of the Ninja Bl910 Blender.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

When considering a blender, convenience in both usage and cleaning is crucial. The Ninja Bl910 Blender shines in this aspect, as it is effortless to operate and clean.

Its simple assembly and disassembly make it easy to use, even for beginners. Additionally, the dishwasher-safe parts allow for quick and hassle-free cleaning.

However, Blendtec Classic 64Oz Blender may have a more complex design with fewer user-friendly parts and may require more effort to clean.

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Finally, gaining insights from customers who have purchased and used the blender can provide valuable information.

The Ninja Bl910 Blender receives overwhelmingly positive reviews and high ratings across various online platforms.

Users praise its performance, durability, and value for money, confirming its worth as a reliable blender.

In contrast, Blendtec Classic 64Oz Blender has received mixed reviews, with some customers expressing concerns about its performance, build quality, or customer support.

Ninja Bl910 Blender Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an essential aspect when considering purchasing a new blender. They provide valuable insights into the product’s performance and help potential buyers make informed decisions.

In this section, we will explore the Ninja Bl910 Blender customer reviews, highlighting the positive aspects, addressing common drawbacks, and overall customer satisfaction.

Positive Reviews Highlighting Key Features and Benefits

Many customers have praised the Ninja Bl910 Blender’s powerful performance and versatile functionalities.

Here are some of the key features and benefits that received positive feedback:

  • High-Speed Blending: Users rave about the blender’s robust motor, which effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, and ice cubes.
  • Various Speed Options: With multiple speed settings, including a pulse function, individuals have the flexibility to achieve customized blending consistency.
  • Durable Design: Many customers appreciate the sturdy construction of the Ninja Bl910 Blender, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Easy to Clean: The blender’s detachable components make it a breeze to clean, significantly reducing the hassle associated with maintenance.

Negative Reviews Addressing Common Issues and Drawbacks

While the Ninja Bl910 Blender has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, a few customers have encountered some common issues.

It’s important to consider these drawbacks before making a purchase:

  • Noisy Operation: Some users report that the blender emits a loud noise during blending, which may be inconvenient, especially in noise-sensitive environments.
  • Large Footprint: A handful of customers mention that the blender’s size occupies considerable counter space in their kitchens, making storage an issue for those with limited room.
  • Leakage Problems: A few users have experienced leakage during blending, leading to messy countertops and potential damage to the blender.

Overall Customer Satisfaction and Recommendations

Despite a few drawbacks, the overall customer satisfaction with the Ninja Bl910 Blender remains high.

Most customers appreciate its powerful performance, versatility, and ease of use.

They recommend it for those seeking a reliable blender that can handle various blending tasks effortlessly.

Final Recommendation Based on Performance, Value, and User Feedback

In conclusion, the Ninja Bl910 Blender offers outstanding performance, exceptional value for money, and positive user feedback.

Its powerful motor, versatile features, and durable construction make it a smart choice for anyone upgrading their blending game. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, this blender will exceed your expectations.

Summary of key features and benefits:

  • 1500-watt motor for exceptional blending performance
  • 72-ounce pitcher with a pour spout for large batches
  • Digital display and preset programs for easy control
  • Total Crushing Technology for perfectly smooth results

Comparison with competitors and customer reviews:

  • Superior power and performance compared to competitors
  • Affordable price point
  • Positive customer reviews and high ratings

The Ninja Bl910 Blender is worth buying. It offers top-notch performance and excellent value for money and has garnered rave reviews from satisfied customers. Upgrade your blending experience today with the Ninja Bl910 Blender!


Ultimately, deciding whether to purchase the Ninja BL910 blender depends on your needs and preferences. Its powerful motor, versatile performance, and convenient features certainly offer much to offer.

However, the BL660 model also provides impressive functionality at a lower price point.

Consider what matters most to you – power, price, or specific features – and make your choice accordingly.

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