Oster 10-Speed Blender Review

Oster is a popular blender brand that has been around for a while. They are known for their durable and versatile blenders. Their products have one thing in common: they work well and last long.

If you are looking for a blender that is efficient, high-performing, and relatively affordable, then you should take a look at the Oster 10-speed blender review.

Here are the main highlights of this Oster blender: available in black, oster 10-speed blenders have dishwasher-safe parts. They also feature a single-button control pad (see photo).

Of course, they can be used with any standard one-glass jar to reduce blinking periods during your smoothies.

This model has a removable base, and club accessories help you get perfect results when chopping vegetables or making sauces. Made out of 100% stainless steel, it is a very durable blender which will last through many years of use.

The 700-watt motor truly makes this Oster model powerful!

  • Wattage Output: 700 Watts
  • Number of Speeds: 10
  • Capacity (volume): 6.0 Cup

Features: Stainless Steel Blades, pulse Feature, BPA-free pitcher, Metal Drive System, Variable Speed. Includes: Lid, 6 Cup Jar, Instruction Manual Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel.

  • Finish: Smooth.
  • Metal Finish: Stainless Steel.
  • Care and Cleaning: Dishwasher Safe Parts.

Notable Features

This Oster blender has a 360-degree side blending beaker to blend harder or lighter foods in one go.

You can easily add any ingredients you desire while cleaning the unit’s blade before use and then return everything into place when finished.

Specifics of the Product

This breakfast blender is small in size with a rugged base. This product allows you to blend fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and other cooked foods without any hassle.

It also has an on-off switch for brushed stainless steel housing, which gives it a look that blends well with kitchen decor. The blending jar for smoothies stands apart from the rest of the jars.

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This blender comes in two colors, black or red, which are visually attractive enough for you. Its high motor power, along with premium stainless steel blades, makes toast easily after inserting your ingredients into the cup of the base and then closing it off until full blending is done before removing them right back out again using a flip-top lid securely lift the lid.

Stainless Steel Blades

This Oster blender features blades made of stainless steel, which is rare in blenders. These built-in stainless steel blades can be used to cut and grind fruits and vegetables without any effort, even if they are frozen into the cup underneath it or not.

It also helps with mincing hard foods that some other models fail to chop as well unless you’re operating them at extremely high speeds like industrial-grade food processors do this.

It also comes with a stainless steel beaker in cylinder form specifically designed to blend your smoother and greens. This Oster blender has an ergonomic design that is intended to have just the right-hand area where you rest your wrist while using it.

The brushed rod that goes around the transparent cup can tell you how much blending action takes place as well, so if needs are resting on one of both sides, then this feature will help even further ensure longevity.

Crush Pro 4 Blade

This one feature drives the Oster Blender to be a top contender and why it has so many supporters. The design of this model takes almost all blending inbound restrictions and challenges into consideration while developing its unique inner cooking circle leading-edge technology.

This means that this becomes an efficient, intuitive machine even if you have never used a similar product. It also keeps up with industrial food processors mostly due to weighted augers inside the Mixing jar.

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Mixing Jar Holds 6 Cups

The mixing jar has a diameter of 5 inches and comes apart from the base for easy cleaning. It is also dishwasher-safe, and one can wash easily with hot, soapy water when it needs to be cleaned.

The main purpose of this jar, though, along with blending your smoothies or bug-out drinks as suggested by Oster blender, also aligns with another essential task that you have every morning: making breakfast.


Its 700-watt motor starts with a boost of extra power.

The blender comes with two speeds: high and low. It has a 1 horsepower motor that can do an impressive 700 watts of blending power right out of the box. It comfortably cuts all materials, though larger pieces may need some assistance with handling as they are being blended in due to its handle design, which is slightly curved at the base area, making it much easier to pick up from both sides than other models too; however, this might be a BPA-free plastic jar.

Though the blender is plastic, it has a full and safe locking system that can only be unlocked via its brushed stainless steel key holder. It also comes with rubber-coated handles on both sides for additional grip in wet environments.

This feature improves the integrity of your body as well as enables all arms to work their leading edge, preventing injuries in case you need to use this machine at work when you have;

Easy Clean

The blender features a very easy, clean lid as well. The light at the base facilitates an optimal solution for cleaning by simply placing your blade assembly straight into a dishwasher or sink and starts working within minutes.

If you leave it to dry, however, wipe it off with warm, soapy water before putting it back in the jar, increasing longevity.

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