Utalent Hand Blender Reviews

Blenders are necessary kitchen essentials. Do you know how many people use a blender every day? If you don’t own one, we guarantee it’s about three. But do you know which blender is the best?

Yes, Today only, we have decided to help you buy your new blender since you’ll need one of those days. Before that, here are the most asked questions about the manual hand blender reviews.

Utalent Immersion Hand Blender

Looking for a powerful and efficient hand blender? Look no further than the Speed Stick Blender! This blender comes with a 500ml food grinder, 600ml container, milk frother, egg whisk, and puree infant food attachment, making it perfect for all your blending needs.

The 250-watt motor and 8-speed/turbo setting provides plenty of power and versatility, while the thick stainless steel mixing wand with a 4-blade system ensures thorough blending.

The Blender is one of the best kitchen tools I have ever used. I use it to make a smoothie almost every day. It is swift and easy to use and clean up.

All you have to do is put the frozen fruit, protein powder, and liquid of your choice in the cup provided, pulse on high speed (less than a minute), and you are done.

Not only does it quickly puree the frozen fruit, but afterward, you give it a quick rinse under hot water, lay it in the drainboard, and it is ready for the next smoothie! I also like to use the mini food processor, which is just as easy to use and clean.

The Speed Stick Blender is also easy to clean and safe to use, making it the perfect choice for any blending task.

Noise Level

The Speed Stick Blender is quiet, which wins big marks for me. It sounds almost like a lawn mow get up and go. With its full-body design, it feels sturdy when I use it to blend my smoothies, but with its lightweight materials, the blender also travels well in our household (we travel for work frequently).

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I never noticed any loud or obnoxious noise that worried me, even if we blended something rough at high speed. It still could be how I am used to hearing, though.


The blender is relatively small, measuring 4.25 inches in height and 11″ in diameter, with an 8-quart sized capacity container (two different containers come as part of the Speed Stick Household Blender and Kitchen Classics line).

I am satisfied with its size despite all our apartment-dwelling messes. It easily fit under my kitchen island counter, so I never tripped over or bumped into it if I was reaching for something behind it [and of course, I would keep it in an easily accessible and clean place].

There are also no edges that can get in the way while using it. The blender is a perfect blend of compact but not ridiculously small, durable, hard-to-tip-over design -allowing me to use the entire width without making any tippy movements.

This holds for all my gadgets! Combining its size with its full-body design (see below under the Pros section) is pretty much impossible to knock over.

Value for Money

The tool costs are pretty average in terms of blender prices, considering that its main competition Vitamix Pro 750 -costs between $350-$500.

It’s fairly cheap compared to similar blenders like the Ninja Kitchen System Blender or Blendtec Designer 650 E series at around the same price point. I am, therefore, confident enough to make bold PRO.

Build Quality

The UTALENT Immersion Hand Blender is a great little tool in your kitchen. Having used the unit several times, the original issue with one attachment ( egg whisk ) was very tight and could be fussy to attach.

Initially, and for several uses, I had to force the egg-whisk part together and hope the indentations would align. But after several uses, it’s worked into a nice fit.

So that issue is gone. The blender is powerful and does a great job blending whatever you put. I’ve used it to blend soups, sauces, and even smoothies.

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It’s really easy to use, and cleanup is a breeze. Overall, I highly recommend the UTALENT Immersion Hand Blender.


I’m a sucker for hand blenders with cool handles, so I was excited to see this pretty little gadget come in. It’s much smaller than an immersion blender or kale juicer and doesn’t have many fancy bells and whistles, but it includes ball-shaped blade attachments that are easy to fit onto the motor shaft.

And because all you need is one attachment (blender head), there won’t be any interrupting when trying to get a good shake going.

The cord is long, so it should be easy enough to use at 3-6 feet away from the power source, and that’s probably my favorite feature of all – no awkward plugging straight into your outlet.

Overall Satisfaction

I don’t know how I lived without 2of these in my kitchen. That little thing has made me rethink food prep forever! At first, the parts seemed sturdy and well-built, although I had an issue with one of the attachments.

That particular attachment could not fit snugly onto both halves, so ensuring a hassle-free blending experience is always vital. This handy gadget is fun to look at (with its clean and straightforward lines) and a BLASTED blend on any fruit or vegetable you wish to prepare.

I would highly recommend this talent immersion hand blender.

Ease of Use

I’ve got fairly strong hands (heh), but I found that this was still too much for me regarding getting things started. If you have smaller hands and people need help getting food going, I recommend a different product.

But we’re not talking about chopping vegetables here – it’s meant for blending up fruits/vegetables with stuff like pesto rubs/marinades & purees (easy as pie!), so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue if your hand-sized shake is enough for lots of veggies! As far as the actual blending goes, it is indeed a breeze.

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It’s sturdy, lightweight, and has stainless steel blades (most others are plastic), so there is no way things will fly around with this guy underfoot! I loved using all my food processor attachments while using this – I have an immersion blender now, but I still find myself reaching for these awesome kitchen toys when I just want extra power or do not care if bits of ingredients splatter all over.

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